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HP Printer Driver - Update Printer Drivers FreelyA lot can happen with your computer system from the time you buy your printer. When the following signs appeared, you need to update your HP Printer Drivers:
* Purchased a new printer
* Pages not printing completely
* Characters missing from your prints
* Your printer doesn’t seem to function as well as it once did

This article will show you how a simple printer driver update can help you get the most out of your printer and keep it running smoothly. We’ll show you how to check for updates, download, and install the latest HP Printer Driver.

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Guide: How to Install or Update HP Printer Drivers

Step 1. Before update your printer driver, you should free download Driver Detective and install it first, then check your Printer driver by clicking "Scan Now".

Step 2. Several minutes later, it will show you a detailed analysis:

detailed analysis offered by hp printer drivers

Step 3. Check the results: Means a certain driver need updating. Just Click to download the latest version of HP Driver Printer.

Note: With this guide, you can not only update your HP Printer Driver, but also update your HP Sound Driver and HP Audio Driver.

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